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Documentary - Aliens - The Definitive Guide - Discovery Canada June 2nd 8:00

Aliens - The Definitive Guide - Discovery Canada June 2nd 8:00
Aliens The Definitive Guide
Discovery Channel
June 2nd 2013 8 p.m.

Though interesting Aliens – The Definitive Guide is certainly not definitive or much of a guide. This science program purports to figure out if there is life out there and so on. Though it features a couple of astrophysicists, a theoretical physicists, and others ists, this guide features nothing a quartet of nerds or science fiction writers have not already come up with. Aliens – The Definitive Guide airs Sunday June 2nd  from 8 to 10 p.m. On Discovery.

The program asks the big questions anyone with an interest in the topic would ask: What plenets out there might be home for aliens, what would they look like, how intelligent would they be, how would they communicate and thus contact us, how would they travel, and so on. Again, interesting stuff but nothing new under the suns.

There are a couple of much more quetionable moments. One is when one of the scientists talks about propulsion and how aliens would avoid sudden accelerations and stops that send people crashing into bulkheads like in Doctor Who. Huh? Doctor Who does not feature people crashing into bulkheads, that is Star Trek and Voyage Under the Sea turf.

Another is when another scientist speculates aliens would probably be friend rather than foe. Anyone with a modicum of knowledge of human history knows that there have never been explorers who showed up just to be nice. Ask the Maya, the Aztecs, most Native American peoples, and so on and so on and so on.

This is a good show for the casual humanoid but anyone with a real interest in aliens will find this program somewhat lacking to say the least.

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