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Action - Exploding Sun - Space - June 10th and 17th 9 p.m.

Exploding Sun - Space - June 10th and 17th 9 p.m.
Exploding Sun
June 10th and 17th
9 p.m.

Exploding Sun is a two-part disaster movie with a Canadian budget and lots of Canadian actors with their trademark flat underacting. This production is the kind of B-movie you watch because pointing out the gigantic factual (the passengers on the spaceship are only restrained by airplane style lapbelts) and scientific mistakes (communication from earth to halfway to the sun is instantaneous), getting into fits of hysterics at the atrocious dialogue (“I'd rather save this town than do the Christian thing.”), and screaming at the television every three or four minutes because of some clumsy development is so enjoyable. If you do not take Exploding Sun seriously, you will have fun watching it June 10th and 17th at 9 p.m. On Space.

The hugest improbability is the premise itself. An untested solar powered spaceship that has never been tested is being launched on its maiden voyage to the moon and back with, get this, the First Lady, the owner of the private corporation that built it, a civilian who won a contest, and a humanitarian on board. Things go badly, the spaceship is lost, crashes into the sun and sets off a solar storm that will destroy the earth.

Explosing Sun part two, which airs Jjune 17th, has a heroic astronaut and the inventor of the solar powered engine working together to save the planet even if one is married to the other's ex-wife.

Toss in a  presidential chief of staff who believes he is fit to relieve the President of his duties and is second in line for the Presidency, a rectangular oval office with not a single U.S. flag anywhere, a secondary story dealing with the humanitarian's wife working in a refugee camp, a secondary story involving the son of the humanitarian and the worker, and a town in the United States where nobody bats an eyelash when the mayor (who says something like “I am trying to save this town, I don't have time for Christian”) orders unarmed volunteers to go house to house to gather all food and water so the town can pool its resources, and a blockade that can be breached just by moving aside a the frame for a single bed.

Exploding Sun is enjoyably atrocious.

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