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Science Fiction - The Life After Death Project

The Life After Death Project

The Life After Death Project
Directed by Paul Davids
Documentary DVD
2 discs
Indieblitz 2013

The Life After Death Project purports to prove there is life after death. The premise is science-fiction guru, the man who coined the term sci-fi, and skeptic Forrest J Ackerman has manifested contact to documentary filmmaker Paul Davids. Davids then gets in touch with scientists, mediums, and so on to understand the life after death phenomena and find other instances where Ackerman has shown signs of afterlife. If you are a believer and into this kind of thing, this two DVD set is right up your alley. DVD 1features the documentary and 40 minutes of extras. DVD 2 is 101 minutes of testimony of people who have had  experience with manifestations of life after death.

This is an interesting enough documentary but it has its flaws. Though Davids makes a case, he does so in a rather haphazard way.  According to the experts he interviews, there are four kinds of life after death manifestations: physical evidence such as things being moved or, in this case, a like being blacked out in a document; synchronicities where 2 independent events are connected; communications through a medium; and communication through technological means such as anomalies on film footage and so on.

Davids makes the case that Forrest J Ackerman has manifested himself unto him through these four means.

Davids also includes an interview with Michael Shermer, the editor of Skeptics Magazine. His point is we often tend to put things together and justify them as proof of something because we want to see that proof. When it comes to The Life After Death Project, I pretty much believe … er … know that is the case here.

Fans of science-fiction and Forrest J Ackerman and those into the weird will enjoy this 2 DVD documentary.

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