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Mainstream - House of Cards Season 1

House of Cards Season 1

House of Cards The Complete First Season
Kevin Spacey Kate Mara
13 Episodes 4 DVD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2013

House of Cards is the Netflix produced series about Washington politics starring Kevin Spacey as Congressman Frank Underwood, Robin Wright as his wife, and Kate Mara as the Washington Herald correspondent Underwood leaks stories to to achieve his goals. House of Cards is an American adaptation of a 3-part BBC series. Though the show is very good, it is too easy to see the material involving Mrs. Underwood's charity is just filler. House of Cards is going to have a second season. Instant Video at Amazon

Democratic party whip Frank Underwood is passed over for Secretary of State even if President elect Walker promised him the job. He is also told to stay a simple congressman for the benefit of the cause. He bites his tongue but his asides to the camera / viewer show he is certainly not going to take this slight lightly.

The rest of House of Cards Season 1 is about Underwood's various machinations and manipulations of the people around him (an eager cub reporter, a drunk and stoned congressman for Pennsylvania, various colleagues, union leaders) to get what he wants. It would be a spoiler to reveal what it is Underwood is scheming for but it is not a spoiler to say that is what makes this political drama interesting.

The relationship between Underwood and his wife. They are a power couple in every sense of the word and will accept a lot from the other as long as the couple becomes more influential. His manipulation of the media through reporter Zoe Barnes is also fascinating.

You would have to be a total innocent not to think that though fictional House of Cards is a faithful representation of Washington politics and  the politics of any nation, democratic or otherwise.

The last four episodes are especially good and are more like a thriller than a political drama. The final also sets up season 2 nicely.

One particularly annoying thing about House of Cards Season 1 is the subtitles. They are yellow letters on an awkwardly placed opaque black background. Subtitles should be subtitles.

Special features are nonexistent.

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