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Mainstream - The Rich Girl s Club by HoneyB.

The Rich Girl s Club by HoneyB.

Honey B
The Rich Girl s Club by HoneyB
Mary B Morrison
Grand Central Publishing 2013

I'm not sure what to say about HoneyB's The Rich Girls' Club, because I'm not sure how serious it takes itself though it does take its billing as “Adult Fiction Sexually Exquisite” seriously.  Language and situations are very adult, explicit and coarse; no sheet is left unwrinkled.

The Rich Girls' Club is about four very close wealthy and successful California friends, Morgan Childs, Brooks Kennedy, Storm Dangerfield and Hope Andrews, who willingly and easily contribute an annual $100,000 fee to belong to Morgan's carefully chosen, exclusive club.  They meet weekly to talk about money and men, and have some fun.

Powerhouse ringleader Morgan believes that California should have a female governor, because a woman could do a much better job than any of her male predecessors.  She wants her club to rule the state, so she hatches a plan, and recruits her special and talented friends, to ensure that their most conservative member Brooks rises to office.  The scheming and manipulative women dig up dirt and successfully use themselves as irresistible seductive bait, promising and delivering every candidate's fantasy, to entrap Brooks' running mates, and blackmail them into withdrawing from the race.

All goes well until double standards, deceit and dissension hit the ranks.  We watch the women individually and collectively fall apart, turn on each other, then begin to rebuild their relationships and their lives.

Since much of the book contains sexually explicit scenes, it takes a while for a real plot to develop.  The interrelationships are what are interesting.  The ending is somewhat weak.

Where I'm not sure The Rich Girls' Club is serious, but somehow I think it is, is the HoneyB's objective to “pollinate all women with knowledge about sexuality and self-love and help them safely blossom into goddesses”.  

She provides provocative reading group discussion questions and designed-to-be empowering commentaries on what she believes women should know about themselves, sex and men, including how men think about themselves and sex.  Since she makes no bones about the superiority of women, yet often makes references to how women should act and think like men in order to succeed and dominate men, both genders could easily find and take offence if The Rich Girls' Club is taken as gospel.

The Rich Girls' Club is what it is.  Take it at that.

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