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Mainstream - Shred! - Discovery - Mondays 7 and 7:30 starts July 8th

Shred! - Discovery - Mondays 7 and 7:30 starts July 8th
Mondays 7 and 7:30
Begins July 8th 2013

Shred! airs Mondays 7 and 7:30 on Discovery starting July 8th  for 6 weeks. This is a must see show for anybody who enjoys shows about how things are made or where stuff like cars, motorcycles, or 3 photocopier at the same time get destroyed. This is just way up there on the cool scale. The only negative side to this show is it is certainly not environmentally conscious as the secondary storyline in the show involves wasting 50 brand new basketballs or a working condition vintage Beetle for entertainment value only

The idea behind Shred! is simple but effective: SSI, a company that builds building-size shredders is presented with a new challenge. You get to see the engineers etc solve the new problem and the new shredder mangle stuff into very small pieces.

The first episode has one of SSI's clients ask for a bigger and faster shredder but gives the company little time to create the new machine. The guy who runs that company comes across as a total jerk and even shows up a day early for the test run.  You get to see lots of office equipment and computers get shredded to very small pieces.

In the second episode SSI has to create a shredder to dispose of the 25 million tons of debris left by the tsunami that wiped out Sendai, Japan. The machine will have to run 24/7 for 20 years. The problem is there are a lot of fishnets to shred and netting clogs up the new machine.

Shred is a lot of fun to watch. I would like it if next season the show is more environmentally friendly both in terms of explaining why it is important to shred these things (episode 1 quickly mentions recycling the metals in computers) and also not creating more waste needlessly in the secondary storyline.

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