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Mainstream - Mom Reviewed - Adventure Time Season 1

Mom Reviewed - Adventure Time Season 1

Adventure Time Season 1 Blu-ray
26 Episodes
Cartoon Network 2013

Adventure Time is a relatively new series from Warner Brothers that features Finn (the human) and Jake the Dog.  These two travel through the weird land of OOO having different adventures and fighting the Ice King.  It seems that in the land of OOO anything can happen, and usually does.

My kids really like this series.  I think it is because they appreciate the twisted sense of humour that comes through in every episode.  They believe that there must have been some kids helping to develop the story ideas, because there are no adults crazy enough to include some of the weird things that happen.  They enjoy the unpredictability of the action and the peculiar twists that the stories take.  Sometimes the action is creepy weird, but for the most part it is pretty tame.  They like the land of OOO – bright colors, interesting characters, and ‘anything goes’ attitude found there.

For my part, I think this is a very bizarre show, which is geared to the older crowd (over 10 years).  There is usually a message (although sometimes very well cloaked in craziness) and the main characters are very loyal and helpful towards each other.  I find it to be a little much at times, as the randomness of the stories is hard to take.  That said, it is exactly that randomness that my kids find so amusing and entertaining.  I do like the creativeness of the land of OOO – Jake the Dog can talk and has magical powers, the two characters can figure their way out of anything, and they are always there for each other.

All in all I would say that for kids 10 and up this is a funny, entertaining, and unpredictable choice that will have them laughing and creating their own weird scenarios.

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Carolyn Genge

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