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Science Fiction - Doctor Who 56 - The Mind of Evil - Jon Pertwee

Doctor Who 56 - The Mind of Evil - Jon Pertwee

Doctor Who 56 The Mind of Evil
Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning, Roger Delgado
6 Episodes 2 DVD
Originally aired 1971
BBC Home Entertainment 2013

Doctor Who Episode 56 The Mind of Evil is a two DVD offering featuring a 6-episode story and lots of special features.  The Mind of Evil is a pretty good story. It stands out from the rest by the amount of people being shot and killed, especially in episode 3. The digitally remastered picture is fullscreen and is generally crisp aside for the external shots and some transitions.

The Mind of Evil finds the Doctor still stranded on earth and working for Unit. He has a new companion named Jo Grant (Katy Manning). In this story a scientist has developed a machine that sucks the evil out of a criminal's mind and stores it in a jar. The problem is that scientist is The Master (Roger Delgado) Doctor Who's greatest nemesis.

The onscreen production notes reveal The Mind of Evil was made at about the same time Britain had abolished the death penalty and everybody was wondering about how to treat hardened criminals.

At the same time, there is a peace conference of some kind and Unit is in charge of security. There is also a missile being moved (for plot reasons of course). It soon becomes apparent The Master has a mole inside the conference. The Master has also found a way to harness what is in the machine's jar to cause people to have deadly hallucinations.

Any Doctor Who with Delgado as The Master is a plus. Delgado liked nothing more than to chew up as much scenery as he could though he is. Comparatively, rather subdued in this episode.

Special features include a 7-minute documentary comparing the location then and now, a 24-minute visit of the BBC filmed in the seventies with Norman Tozer, a Making Of, PDF file.

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