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Science Fiction - Doctor Who - The Doctors Revisited 1

Doctor Who - The Doctors Revisited 1

Doctor Who The Doctors Revisited
William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton
Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker
4 series 4 DVD
BBC Home Entertainment 2013

Four Doctors for the price of one. That is what you get with the first Doctor Who – The Doctors Revisited. This four DVD set features The Aztecs with William Hartnell (story 6 - 1964), The Tomb of the Cybermen with Patrick Throughton (story 37), Spearhead From Space, the first series with Jon Pertwee (story 51), and Pyramids of Mars with Tom Baker (story 82).  Each of these four stories is presented in widescreen film format and the much preferable 4 part fullscreen version. In the latter, the picture is not cropped to be widescreened.

In The Aztecs the Doctor, his granddaughter Susan, and Ian and Barbara, the two British schoolteachers the Doctor has sort of kidnapped, land in the temple of Yetaxa. Barbara is believed to be Yetaxa and the Doctor et al her retinue. There is a series of palace type intrigues when Tlotoxl one of the high priests doubts this new Yetaxa is the real thing. Will Barbara aka Yetaxa convince the Aztecs to stop human sacrifices or will she be proven a fraud?

Of the William Hartnell episodes The Aztecs is a fan favorite and it is easy to see why. The story itself is quite good and you have to enjoy John Ringham's performance as a Vincent Price type villain. It is also fun to see the Doctor develop a romantic interest in one of the elders. The picture quality is quite good for something 50 years old. It is better in fullscreen than in widescreen where the magnification and cropping make the focus fuzzy.

This is the first of two Doctors Revisited releases by BBC Video in honor of the series' 50th anniversary. The second Doctors Revisited with Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann will be in October 2013.

Richard Lanoie

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