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Foreign Film - Amour - Academy Award and Palme d Or winner

Amour - Academy Award and Palme d Or winner

Jean-Louis Trintignant, Emmanuelle Riva
Written and Directed by Michael Haneke
France 2012
Sony Pictures Classics 2013
127 minutes

Amour won the Palme d Or at Cannes and the 2013 Oscar for Best Foreign Film. It is easy to see why. Amour shows the quotidian of an elderly couple after the wife has a stroke. Heneke lets the characters and story speak for itself. Not a single emotion is imposed on the viewer through music, ect. This is in part why this movie is something you will not soon forget.  This is a movie you must see at least once in your life. It is presented in French with English subtitles.

This said, Amour is a very static film about the ordinariness of the couple's life together. You have to accept as part of what the couple's life is. It is through actions and not words that he shows his love for her as her health becomes a bigger and bigger issue. His determination to see things through is never told but indicated through two or three scenes where Georges (Trintignant) stands his ground against well wishers and those who think they know what is good for Anne (Riva).

Writer director Hanake does everything is subtle tones. This serves to highlight the dignity of Georges and Anne and the strength of their love. It is interesting to note that amour is never once said in the film.

Fair warning: If you have cared for and lost a loved one Amour will certainly wake up a lot of memories and it may be difficult to watch. 

Special features on this DVD are a Making Of and a Q&A with Michael Haneke.


Richard Lanoie

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