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Mainstream - Mom Reviewed - The Regular Show Seasons 1 and 2

Mom Reviewed - The Regular Show Seasons 1 and 2

Regular Show Seasons 1 and 2
40 episodes, 2 Blu-ray discs
Cartoon Network 2013

Regular Show is a Cartoon Network animated series by JG Quintel. It is about Mordecai (a blue jay) and Rigby  (a racoon) who work together at a park.  They are basically a couple of slackers trying to get by doing as little work as possible.  Regular Show follows them and their co-workers on their bizarre adventures. Regular Show Seasons 1 and 2 features 40 episodes.

Season 1 is okay…just okay.   I found it a bit frustrating that there is no back-story on the characters.  The characters themselves are quite weird – Pops (a lollipop), Benson (a gumball machine), Skips the Yeti, and Muscle Man who is accompanied by High 5 Ghost round out the cast that surround the two main characters.    It was difficult to follow along with these crazy oddballs for the first season.  My kids liked season 1 a bit – but they found that Mordecai and Rigby were not very nice to each other, considering that they are supposed to be best friends.

Season 2 is much better.  We begin to see the friendship that these two main characters have developed.  Some of the humour is funny at times, but often relies on adult sounding phrases being uttered by these two kid animals.  The show seems to struggle with finding its identity, not wanting to be too much like Adventure Time or Sponge Bob.  

The show is definitely aimed at older children.  The language is not familiar to most 5 year olds.  “Friggin” or “What the heck” are often used.  The special features are interesting.  We get to see the creator of the show, and better appreciate what goes into the process of creating something like this.

All in all I would say that Regular Show is improving – season 1 didn’t have us laughing, but season 2 had some episodes that got us going – we could all relate to Ello Gov’nor and enjoyed it quite a bit.  Good for the older crowd in your family – not for the under 8 group.

Carolyn Genge

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