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Science Fiction - Doctor Who 82 - The Pyramids of Mars - The Doctors Revisited 1

Doctor Who 82 - The Pyramids of Mars - The Doctors Revisited 1

The Pyramids of Mars
Tom Baker, Elizabeth Sladen
Doctor Who The Doctors Revisited
4 series 4 DVD
BBC Home Entertainment 2013

Pyramids of Mars (story 82) is the perfect choice for the Tom Baker segment of the Doctor Who The Doctors Revisited Volume 1. This 4 DVD set features an adventure with each of the first four Doctor (Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, Baker) as well as a profile of each and an introduction by Steven Moffat before the widescreen feature presentation version. Personally, I like watching Moffat's intro and then selecting the individual full screen episodes.

Pyramids of Mars has Sarah Jane as the Doctor's companion and blends two standard B-movie elements: mummies and Mars. There is even a  human with red tinged vampire eyes tossed in for good measure.

The story begins with Egyptologist Marcus Scarman uncovering a long lost Egyptian tomb, opening it (never a good thing), and suffering the mummy's wrath. Something about the mummy disrupts the TARDIS and the Doctor (Tom Baker) and Sarah Jane (Elizabeth Sladen) find themselves in 1911 England on the estate of the Egyptologist. His house is run by a Fez wearing stranger who plays the organ loud enough to wake the dead and he does in the form of the Egyptologist who is now a servant of Sutekh. Sutekh is an alien of the Osirian persuasion whose defeat created the Egyptian mythology. He is of course evil and wants to destroy earth with the help of his minion the Egyptologist and mummies right out of Chariots of the Gods. The Doctor and Sarah Jane must intervene before it is too late.

Story wise, this one is quite imaginative. Some of the contraptions are low budget (one of the invisible barrier emitters is a thermos in an old clay pot) but the mechanics of the mummy that is unwrapped is cool. There are a couple of funny moments such as when one of the mummies gets caught in a poacher's leg trap.

The other stories on this highly recommended 4 DVD set are The Aztecs with William Hartnell, The Tomb of the Cybermen with Patrick Troughton, and Spearhead From Space with Jon Pertwee. Each disc in The Doctors Revisited 1 includes a profile of the Doctor and his actor and an introduction to the story by Steven Moffat.

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