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Action - Ghost Shark - Space Saturday Aug. 24 10 p.m. MUST SEE

Ghost Shark - Space Saturday Aug. 24 10 p.m. MUST SEE
Ghost Shark
Saturday Aug. 24 10 p.m.

Ghost Shark stands out for the many new and inventive places the shark attacks people including a Slip and Slide and a bathtub. This very enjoyable B movie is almost as creative in the reasons it finds to display girls in bikinis. The acting is also way above the norm for this kind of fare. If you enjoy over the top shark attack movies, you are absolutely going to love this one. Ghost Shark airs on Space Saturday August 24th at 10 p.m.

Right off the bat Ghost Shark shows its colors. A redneck daddy and daughter team is out fishing late at night in some big competition. A shark eats their prize catch just as they land it. The couple reacts by shooting the shark with a .357, a rifle, a crossbow, pour some hot sauce in the sharks gaping mouth and on its face, and then blow it up with a grenade. Yeeee-haw! Shark swims to some magic cave and becomes Ghost Shark and immediately gets even.

Next up on the shark's plate is the typical bunch of teenagers: the bimbo, the virgin and her bad girl sister, the fat guy, the Black guy, and the cool guy. I wonder who bites it –or gets bit-- first and who survives.

You will never, ever guess where the shark (does not) shows up next, after that, or the time after that. That is part of the fun.

What does the crazy old coot played by Richard Moll (Bull in Night Court) know and will he help the kids solve the mystery?

Shark movie fans will appreciate the nod to the grand daddy of them all, Jaws, with the scene where daddy redneck gets transported by the beast and the ringing bell buoy.

Ghost Shark continues the great Space cinematic tradition of Jersey Shore Shark Attack, Dinoshark, Sharktopus, Swamp Shark, and Two-Headed Shark Attack. Gotta love 'em for that. I really hope they keep it up.

Richard Lanoie

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