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Mainstream - Ghost Shark - Jean Guerin review

Ghost Shark - Jean Guerin review
Ghost Shark
Saturday Aug. 24 10 p.m.

Just when you thought it was safe to get back on cable, comes Ghost Shark Saturday August 24th at 10 on Space

Last month’s airing of Sharknado may have just generated average numbers for the networks who broadcast it but the tweets were plentiful –people were watching and commenting on B-movie studio The Asylum’s epic storm of stupidity.

But The Asylum, makers of the Megashark movies, are no longer the only fishmongers supplying Syfy with “Shark vs Sanity” epics : Roger Corman got in the game with Sharktopus and Active Entertainment is firing on all cylinders with the delightfully goofy Sand Sharks and now the even crazier Ghost Shark. 

Blaming a great white for his not being able to land a prize winning amberjack, a redneck fisherman blasts away at it with a Rambo-esque array of guns and grenades – which is both surprising and impressive considering he’s out fishing. As luck, fate or the basic demands for plot would have it, this triggers some generic ancient curse thingie – the kind with a lot of wind and whispers and flashing lights- which in turn leads to the appearance of a translucent, glowing shark (whose translucence cannot break the water’s surface- or needs air to work).

Spoiler alert: It attacks people.

It attacks people swimming in the ocean, in swimming pools, in bathtubs, out of fire hydrants, in slip-and-slides, in the puddle of water of a completely gratuitous bikini car-wash… yes, everywhere including the kitchen sink.

It attacks people in messy, gory ways that defy logic and anatomy: CGI arterial spray comes out of severed limbs that lack the basic pumping organ; Legs keep walking after torsos have been devoured, etc. This is not a film for biology majors.

This is a party film. Watch it with your best buddies.

And make sure you don’t serve any water.

Jean Guerin


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