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Mainstream - The Smurfs - The Legend of Smurfy Hollow

The Smurfs - The Legend of Smurfy Hollow

The Smurfs The Legend of Smurfy Hollow
Brainy Smurf, Gutsy Smurf, Smurfette
Sony Pictures Animation 2013
22 minutes

The Smurfs The Legend of Smurfy Hollow is a very family friendly 22-minute cartoon. It opens with computer graphics animation but very soon goes to traditional cartoon. The Legend of Smurfy Hollow very, very loosely connects to the Legend of Sleepy Hollow in that there is a headless horseman and it is Halloween. I doubt even the wee ones will be scared by that particular version of the horseman. This family DVD is only 22 minutes long but it is priced accordingly.

The story opens around a campfire with a few Smurfs enjoying a ghost story told by Brainy. It is about the yearly smurfberry competition which Brainy was won nine years in a row. Gutsy Smurf who seems to hail from Scotland via Hank Azaria is a bit peeved about that and decides to follow Brainy. He discovers Brainy has found a stash of smurfberries on the other side of the old covered bridge. He scares off Brainy with a shadow puppet, takes his berries, and wins the competition.

Of course Gutsy feels bad and goes looking for the missing Brainy. He and Smurfette encounter Gargamel.

It is Gargamel and his cat who provide the moments adults will best enjoy when Gargamel misunderstands what Azrael is saying: “A hairless horseman?” Not that this is a DVD that will irritate adults after repeated plays.

Those who like their family DVD with a good moral at the end will be sell served here. The lessons are never be selfish, always collaborate, do not blow your own horn, and never play scary tricks on your friends.

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