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Mainstream - Lucky 7 - CITY - Premieres Sept. 24th 10:00

Lucky 7 - CITY - Premieres Sept. 24th 10:00
Lucky 7
Premieres Sept 24th 10 p.m.

Lucky 7 is the American version of the British social drama The Syndicate. The pilot episode which airs September 24th at 10 on CITY indicates that Lucky 7 follows the original fairly closely in terms of character types and events: A group of people working at a convenience store have been playing the lottery for a long time. They win the jackpot. That is where the show begins. In the American version the two guys are being chased by the cops and what happens in the show is a flashback from the chase.

Aside from the chase sequence opening, the major difference is 7 adds two more characters, a teenage clerk named Samira and Antonio, a coworker who chose not to participate in the lottery pool. This is probably to add potential storylines to the show as season one of The Syndicate was 5 episodes long and season 2 presents a new group of winners. The Brits do not milk their shows like the Americans do.

Overall, Lucky 7 is pretty good. You'll watch it if you remember it is on Tuesdays at 10 on CITY but you will probably not plan your viewing around it. It is not, however, the kind of low key continuing story normal people social drama Americans go for on network TV and Lucky 7 is an ABC production. This does not bode well.

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