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Mainstream - DCI Banks - Aftermath - BBC

DCI Banks - Aftermath - BBC

DCI Banks Aftermath
Stephen Tompkinson, Lorraine Burroughs
BBC Home Entertainment 2013
90 minutes

Aftermath is the first episode in BBC's DCI Banks series. The show is based on the Peter Robinson police procedurals. This being a BBC mystery, it almost goes without saying the show is very good. The first episode not only introduces the main characters and the general tone of the series but it also makes for very interesting viewing as well. Fair warning, you will quickly become addicted to this series.

Aftermath opens with a couple of officers going to a house to answer a domestic disturbance call. Soon after, one of the officers is dead, one of the residents is injured, the other has been severely beaten, and the bodies of 4 missing girls have been discovered in the basement.  DCI Banks must not only figure out what happened in that house but also what happened to the fifth missing girl.

Banks is soon saddled with DS Winsome Jackman who works for the British equivalent of Internal Affairs. There is some suspicion as to how Marcus Payne, the serial killer,  got that badly injured and Jackman has to find out what happened between the time the officers arrived at the home and the time backup arrived.

The story has quite a few interesting twists and turns involving Payne's wife, their neighbor across the street, the father of the missing girl, and the higher ups in the police echelons. All of them work and none of these narrative threads become confusing.

The relationship between Banks and Jackman is quite interesting and promises for an interesting series.

The ending is original and quite satisfactory.

The series will be returning for a fourth season.

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