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Science Fiction - Revolution Season 1 - Blu-ray and DVD and Ultraviolet

Revolution Season 1 - Blu-ray and DVD and Ultraviolet

Revolution Season 1
Blu-ray, DVD, and Ultraviolet
20 Episodes
Warner Home Video 2013

Revolution is an excellent Speculative Fiction dystopian series about what would happen if the power went out forever. This premise creates the perfect setting for a smart, action filled, character driven series that has something for everyone. This allows for a rebels against a dictatorship storyline, a storyline about a mysterious pendant that holds the key to why the power went out and how to get it back on, a quest, a story of redemption, and lots of Robin Hood meets the Civil War action. Revolution Season 1 features 20 episodes on 3 Blu-ray or 5 DVD as well as Ultraviolet download. Season 2 of Revolution airs on NBC. You'll want to watch that too.   DVD only version at Amazon

Revolution is set 15 years after the power went out. The series focuses on Charlie Matheson, a young woman who is the daughter of Ben Matheson, a man who may have had a hand in the power going out. Her mother may know something about that too. When her brother Danny is kidnapped by the Monroe militia, she sets out on a quest to get him back. This involves getting Ben's brother Miles involved. Miles is responsible for creating the militia and its methods but later left it.

Charlie sets out on her quest with Ben's girlfriend Maggie and a former dotcom millionaire named Aaron. Before his death, Ben Matheson entrusted Aaron with a usb key disguised as a pendant. It turns out there are more of those and they may hold the key to why the power went out and how to get it back on.

Revolution is a rather complex series with lots of information revealed in flashback, an intricate series of personal alliances and betrayals, and many other elements such as the fact America has been cut up in various political regions, one of which is controlled by the Monroe militia. Not to worry though, though this is a J.J. Abrams show, it is not as convoluted as the infamous Lost. In fact, it is rather viewer friendly in its mytharc.

Stephen King fans will notice a lot of references to The Stand. One episode is titled The Stand, the last episode in season one is The Dark Tower, and there more subtle references such as names related to the King book or camera angles and shots echoing the TV movie (such as when Aaron and Maggie arrive at Grace's).

Special features on the Blu-ray DVD Ultraviolet version include An In-Depth Look at the Pilot, a feature on how Revolution's post-apocalyptic landscapes are created, 5 webisodes, Deleted Scenes, and a Gag Reel.

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