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Science Fiction - Doctor Who 122 - Peter Davison - Earthshock - The Doctors Revisited 2

Doctor Who 122 - Peter Davison - Earthshock - The Doctors Revisited 2

Doctor Who The Doctors Revisited 2
Peter Davison, Colin Baker
Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann
4 stories 4 DVD
BBC Home Entertainment 2013

There could be no better story than Earthshock (story 122)  to represent Peter Davison's tenure as the fifth Doctor in Volume 2 of The Doctors Revisited. Not only does it include companions Tegan, Nyssa, and Adric and reintroduce the best foes ever, the Cybermen, this story also has the most dramatic and shocking development the series had known to date and would know for years to come. Like the other DVD in the Revisited collection, Earthshock features both the four original fullscreen episodes and a widescreen full-length version (both look great) as well as a feature on the Davison Doctor.  The Doctors Revisited Volume 2 is of course a must for any and all fans of the series.

Earthshock opens with Adric getting tired of how the Doctor treats him and wanting to go back home. The Doctor lands the TARDIS so everybody can cool off and the team finds itself in 26th century earth and in a cave somewhere. A group of soldiers is investigating the disappearance of some archeologists. Some of the soldiers get melted, stuff happens, and the Doctor and crew finds himself facing the Cybermen on a ship bound for earth.

Of  course, the Cybermen are out to invade Earth.

Doctor Who story 122 is far above average for the series in terms of plot and development. The special effects are better than usual and the Cybermen probably the best model year ever. What adds to them is these robots react (a bit too dramatically but heh) when they are shot

Is it me or does the Cybermen leader sound like James Earl Jones' Darth Vader? Then again, I think the captain of that ship is very much like Hyacinth Bucket (BBC's Keeping up Appearances).

One thing I am not making up is the Cybermen leader's “Excellent!” is exactly like what Montgomery Burns will do fifteen or so years later, hand movement included.

The Doctors Revisited Volume 2 4 DVD set also includes Vengeance on Varos for the Colin Baker years, Remembrance of the Daleks for the Sylvester McCoy years, and the Doctor Who movie starring Paul McGann. It seems everyone has conveniently forgotten Peter Cuching and the two other Doctor Who movies.

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Richard Lanoie

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