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Science Fiction - Falling Skies - The Complete Second Season

Falling Skies - The Complete Second Season

Falling Skies The Complete Second Season
Noah Wyle, Will Patton, Moon Bloodgood
10 Episodes 2 Blu-ray
Warner Home Video 2013

A recap of season 1 would have a been an extra on Falling Skies Season 2. Otherwise, it is harder to into this TNT sci-fi action drama and the effort is worth it. What you need to know, and there will be no spoilers, is season 1 takes place six months after the earth has pretty much been conquered by aliens. There are pockets of survivors. One of these is in Massachusetts They are lead by a former army officer and Tom Mason (Noah Wyle), a professor of military history. The group is formed of both civilians and fighters who have formed a resistance movement. A lot of season 1 features skirmishes between the resistance called the 2nd Massachusetts and the aliens as well as Ben and his two sons looking for the middle child, Ben.

Season 2 opens three months after the last events in season 1. Tom is released by the aliens and we get an idea of what happened on the mother ship. The resistance is getting better at fighting back but resources and fighters are getting scarce.

In some ways, Falling Skies is your typical rah-rah America against the evil force with overblown –for non-Americans--  patriotism and so on. It is also better than that. The show has solid characters and you never really know if someone is going to make it past a given episode. The secondary stories about the individual characters also help make the show more than just a shoot 'em up blow 'em up feast.

Perhaps the show's strongest point is it has included a bad guy who is one of the good guys. Pope (Colin Cunningham) is a smart convict who runs his own force called the Berserkers but has joined forces with the 2nd Mass. It is a difficult arrangement that leads to many conflicts.  He is a good counterpoint for the sometimes too good to be true and too even Tom Mason.

The second season has some interesting developments in episodes 5 and 6 that sound very promising. Of course, the last episode sets up season 3.

Special Features for Falling Skies The Complete Second Season include a tour of the set, a behind the scenes, an animated trailer for season 2 and a preview of season 3, and audio commentaries on episodes 1, 6, and 10.

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