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Action - Sharknado


Ian Ziering, Tara Reid
VSC 2013
86 minutes

You will never hear the immortal line, “I'm not just going to stand here and let sharks rain down on us!” unless you watch Sharknado, a B-movie that raises the bars on ridiculous, unbelievable, stupid, and cheesy. The thing is even with all its glaring continuity mistakes and implausibilities, a tornado carrying live sharks into L.A. being the least of it, Sharknado is a hell of a lot of fun to watch. You can even win one of two copies of Sharknado if you send your info to contest @ nameofthiswebsite dot com before the end of November 2013

There is so much over the top stuff in Sharknado it is as if disaster movie writers had a contest to see who could come up with the most unbelievable idea. Sharknado includes a helicopter flying into not one, not two, but three  tornadoes to blow it and the sharks it contains up with a road flare tied to a propane canister. One hero gets to shoot at flying sharks while another gets to chainsaw one in half mid-flight. Somebody gets gobbled up by a flying shark some two thousand feet off the ground.

The topper is the reenactment of Jonah and the whale but this time with one of the characters, a chainsaw, and a really big shark.

It gets even better as Sharknado 2 is coming in 2014!

Special features on this DVD are a Makking Of, a blooper reel, and cast commentary.

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