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Action - Atlantis - Premieres Oct. 12th 8:00 Space

Atlantis - Premieres Oct. 12th 8:00  Space
Jack Donnelly, Mark Addy, Robert Emms
Premieresx Oct. 12th 8:00

The first episode of Atlantis hooks you so hard you already try to figure out how to block off the next few Saturdays so you can watch it on Space at 8:00.  This is a smart show based on Greek mythology and set in the lost city of Atlantis. Atlantis has a good amount of sword fight and such, solid and interesting characters, and a promising story line. The premiere episode on Oct 12th is followed by the second episode in the series.

Jason (Donnelly) is a marine expert of some kind who takes a one-man sub down to the bottom of the sea to find the wreck of his father's sub. He heads into the light and wakes up in Atlantis. He evades local soldiers, crashes into Pythagoras' residence, meets Pythagoras' buddy Hercules who is a rotund drunk and gambler; and goes to see the Oracle to figure out what is going on.

This is where the series sets itself up: Jason is a child of Atlantis, has a mission in life, his presence should be kept a secret, and events are afoot.

Stuff happens and Jason ends up having to fight the Minotaur in a maze, just like legend would eventually recount.

Atlantis is just plain fun to watch. It also has a great sense of history and humor as when Jason tells Pythagoras “You cannot die now, you have to live long enough to bore generations of schoolchildren.”

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