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Mainstream - JFK: The Smoking Gun - Discovery Canada Nov. 3rd 8:00

JFK: The Smoking Gun - Discovery Canada Nov. 3rd 8:00
JFK: The Smoking Gun
Discovery Canada
Sunday Nov. 3 8:00

There is a whole Who Shot JFK?   industry and as we get close to the 50th anniversary of that fateful day in Dallas every conspiracy in the book (and those kept out of the book through another conspiracy) is going to be trotted out. JFK: The Smoking Gun provides a different, plausible, and rather scary answer to that question and identifies the second shooter. This documentary airs Sunday November 3rd at 8:00 on Discovery Canada.

JFK: The Smoking Gun is a combination of the work of two different men. One is Howard Donahue, a marksman and ballistics expert whose findings were published in 1992 in Mortal Error by Bonar Menninger. The other is Australian homicide detective McClaren who uses Donahue's findings as well as new information available after Bill Clinton's 1992 JFK Records Act which shows the Warren Commission and one of its counsels, future Congressman Arlen Specter ignored, perhaps willlfully, testimony and evidence that invalidated the findings of the commission.

This is a very good documentary that uses re-enactments of Donahue's work and of witness statements as well as the usual CGI re-creation of various elements and  moments.

The conclusion to JFK: The Smoking Gun is chilling not because of who it identifies as the second shooter but because of what happened after because of who he was.

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