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Mainstream - Bewitched The Complete Series - less than 16 cents per episode

Bewitched The Complete Series - less than 16 cents per episode

Bewitched The Complete Series
Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Dick Sargent
8 Seasons 33 DVD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2013

Maybe Samantha Stevens' magic is still around. That would explain why Bewitched is still a fun show to watch some thirty-five years later. True, you do wonder how people were ever convinced that avocado was a good color for appliances. Granted, the make-up favored by some of the older women in the show and some of Endora's fashion choices out ga-ga Lady Gaga. Yes, the stay-a-home mother and housewife is now a dated character. But, and this is important, Bewitched is still immensely enjoyable a situation comedy. At less than 16 cents per episode (based on an Amazon price of forty dollars), Bewitched The Complete Series is a bargain and a must for any fan of the show.

For those who have never suffered a bout of insomnia or stayed at home sick for a couple of days and watched the old time TV channel and for those who were smart enough to stay away from the movie version with Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell, Bewitched is the story of Darrin Stevens (Dick York, Dick Sargent) a mortal who marries a beautiful witch (Elizabeth Montgomery). Of course this creates a whole series of strange events, characters, spells and misspells, and the ongoing challenge tomake sure nobody notices how strange things can get at the Stevens home.

The show was and is funny also because of a solid supporting cast. Agnes Moorehead was superb as Endora, Paul Lynde's Uncle Arthur is a sitcom character that has never been matched since, and both the bumbling Aunt Clara and Esmeralda set up some great accidents.

Bewitched lasted eight seasons and things did get a bit repetitive around season 6 with the often used Endora casts a spell on Darrin that either makes him look silly or do something silly if someone says the magic word or does something to trigger the spell.

The first two seasons of Bewitched come in the colorized version but they did a really good job of that most of the time.

Special features are a bit thin in this set with seasons 1 has a feature on how the magic was made and seasons one and two have a blooper reel.

Bewitched The Complete Series will provide hours of very laid back and funny entertainment.

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