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Horror - Stephen King - Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep
Stephen King
Scribner 2013

It is easy to forget how elegant and seductive a writer Stephen King can be. Doctor Sleep immediately gets your attention and King just talks you through to the end. Doctor Sleep picks up the story of Danny Torrance some thirty years after the events in The Shining and ends fifteen or so years later. You do not need to be familiar with The Shining to enjoy this story of good versus evil and quest for redemption.    Kindle at Amazon

Danny Torrance is an alcoholic in his thirties going from city to city and job to job. He hits bottom with a cokehead and her son. He runs away from the mess he made and find refuge in Frazier, New Hampshire when a man with a bit of a shine recommends him for a job. Danny Torrance sobers up as a condition to his employment at a hospice where he accompanies dying people on their last trip home.

Circumstances bring him in contact with Abra Jones, a very young  girl with one hell of a shine. Abra draws the attention of Rose the Hat and the True Knot. They are very ancient creatures fueled by the energy people with even the smallest shine exhale when they die. For them, Abra is the motherlode. Danny and a few friends from AA band together with Abra to protect her and defeat the True Knot.

Doctor Sleep is an excellent read. King sets up events and characters effortlessly and smoothly brings the reader to the end of the story. I find it interesting that in the afterword he says Doctor Sleep started in a question he was often asked, “What happened to Danny Torrance after The Shining?” and has set himself up for a similar question about Doctor Sleep.

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