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Science Fiction - Doctor Who 155 -Sylvester McCoy - Vengeance on Varos - The Doctors Revisited 2

Doctor Who 155 -Sylvester McCoy - Vengeance on Varos - The Doctors Revisited 2

Doctor Who The Doctors Revisited 2
Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann
4 Stories on 4 DVD
BBC Home Entertainment 2013

Sylvester McCoy was the seventh and last Doctor of the first generation of Doctor Who. His contribution to the great science fiction series is the four episode story Remembrance of the Daleks (Story 155). It is a very good choice as the story shows the various sides of the Doctor's personality and includes Ace, a young woman from 1987 with a skill for explosives.

In this story the Doctor and Ace arrive in 1963 London where two factions of Daleks are warring. The Doctor does not mind that but wants to make sure no civilians get caught up in the shooting or the aftermath.  He and Ace join up with a military unit lead by Group Captain Gilmore that includes two scientists. Fans of the series will recognize the same kind of relationship Doctor Jon Pertwee had with UNIT.

Ace is a great companion. She is pro-active and gets to do some of the real work.

There are a couple of interesting twists here. One is one of the Dalek factions uses a young schoolgirl as controller because a child's imagination makes up for their rigid, logical mind.

The Sylvester McCoy years had a good sense of humor. In this story set in 1963 England Ace turns on the telly and gets “This is the BBC and now time for a new adventure of Doctor ...”

This is an especially good Doctor Who adventure even if I am not a Dalek fan.

Like the other stories in this BBC series, the Blu-ray features both a feature lenght version and the original four part version of the story. There is also a very informative profile of Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor, and an introductionto the episode by Steven Moffat.

Other stories in The Doctor Revisited 2 are Earthshock with Peter Davison, Vengeance on Varos with Colin Baker, and the Doctor Who Movie with Paul McGann.

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