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Science Fiction - Doctor Who: An Adventure in Space and Time - Space Nov. 22 9:00

Doctor Who: An Adventure in Space and Time - Space Nov. 22 9:00
Doctor Who: An Adventure in Space and Time
David Bradley, Jessica Raine
Friday Nov 22nd 9:00

An Adventure in Time and Space is an excellent biopic about the creating and first few years of Doctor Who.  It is must viewing and reviewing for any fan of this classic SF series even if you are not a fan of the original series. Much is revealed about the creation of the Doctor, how the BBC bigwigs signed his death warrant after the first episode, and how the Daleks are responsible for keeping the Doctor alive back then and for 50 years. If  I were you, I would email Space ahead of time to get them to repeat this movie as soon as possible: you will want to see it again. You can see it for the first time on Space Friday November 22nd at 9:00

Did you know Doctor Who is the brainchild of a Canadian named Sydney Newman? That this was the first BBC show produced by a woman, Verity Lambert, and directed by an Indian, Waris Hussein? This and much more is revealed in An Adventure in Time and Space which follows the story from the Doctor's birth to the last scene where William Hartnell passes the baton to Patrick Troughton.

One of the most interesting scenes is when we assist to the birth of the TARDIS. I am not going to reveal where the idea comes from but  … it is very unexpected.

What makes this biographical movie is it immediately makes you care about the characters,especially crochety William Hartnell played brilliantly by David Bradley. It does it so well that you really feel for Hartnell when his health starts to fail and he feels then end is near.

It is also quite cleverly constructed with the first half being about Newman getting Verity Lambert to produce Doctor Who and her fighting the establishment to get her little kiddie show going. The second half starts with Lambert's departure to bigger and better things. It can then focus a bit more on the actor who was the first Doctor Who and make him more than the curmudgeon he starts out as so that you really do care about him too.

If you miss the original airing, you can always check on Space.ca as they are pretty good about streaming their recently aired programs. That is after you call or email for a repeat of the episode on TV.

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