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Foreign Film - Netherlands - The Deflowering of Eva Van End

Netherlands - The Deflowering of Eva Van End

The Deflowering of Eva Van End
Directed by Michiel ten Horn
Dutch with English subtitles
Netherlands 2012
Film Movement 2013

The Deflowering of Eva Van End  is a variation on the old foreign exchange student arrives and changes everyone's life. Unfortunately, the Van End family in which the student lands is slightly less interesting than a boiled potato. Even with the occasional sexual connotation also typical to the genre, this movie fails to garner even a passing interest. This was quite surprising as Film Movement selections are usually excellent or, at the very least interestingly unusual. There is a link of some favorites at the bottom of this review.

Eva Van End is a fourteen year-old wallflower who is even unnoticed by her family. Consequently, everyone is surprised when German exchange student Viet shows up to stay for a couple of weeks. Viet is a tall, pretty blonde seventeen year old guy who has traveled a lot and seems to be involved in a few good causes. His arrival disturbs the oldest son who is moving in with his fiancee even if he may be attracted to men, annoys middle son Manuel who is basically a jerk, opens the eyes of the father to the world around him, and also affects the mother and young Eva.

The problem is not the premise is worn but that the movie has no clear main story and tries to follow too many vague secondary stories at the same time. It really does not help not a single Van End is interesting enough to make the viewer care what is going on.

There is a climax of some sort at the end but it feels as bland as the rest of the movie.

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