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Mainstream - Justified The Complete Fourth Season

Justified The Complete Fourth Season

Justified The Complete Fourth Season
Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins
13 Episodes 3 DVD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2013

Just the first episode of Justified Season 4 made me want to kick myself hard for having missed the first three. This FX series is excellent. Justified stars Timothy Olyphant as U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens. Givens is a man who is somewhat expedient in how he takes care of his duties and that is one reason why the Marshall's office moved him from Miami back to Eastern Kentucky where he grew up. Justified comes across as a modern western where the law belongs to the man with the badge. Justified The Complete Fourth Season features on 13 episodes on 3 DVD


Season 4 of Justified opens with a man falling out of the sky and crashing in front of Raylan's father's house some thirty years ago. The discovery of the bag the man was carrying with him brings a whole bunch of very, very nasty people to look into the case, a case with which Raylan's jailed father is intimately tied to. Secondary stories involve crime boss Boyd facing opposition from a preacher and treason from within his ranks and Raylan's pregnant girlfriend's ex-husband showing up out of the blue.


Each season of Justified focuses on one main story line so you do not have to be familiar with the show to enjoy season 4 but the show is that much more enjoyable if you are familiar with the backstory of the supporting characters. In many ways, Raylan is but one of the many colorful and very intriguing characters in this series.


Something you will almost immediately notice and appreciate about this show is it always keeps you on your toes in terms of story development so it is not a show you can watch just casually. The body count is high so if you are not in the mood for that, it is rather unfortunate because it really features great writing and characters.


One of the highlights of this Justified season is constable Bob (played by comic Patton Oswalt). He is a very interesting character indeed. You do not want to watch the special feature on this character (DVD 1) before you see the entire season as it has spoilers.


If the guy who plays bad guy Wynn Duffy looks familiar, Jerry Burns played Kirk Morris on the Judd Hirsch sitcom Dear John.


In addition to the Constable Bob special feature, others include Commentary Track for all but 3 episodes, Deleted Scenes, Anatomy of an Episode, The Veterans' Experience, and Outtakes.

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