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Foreign Film - Spain - I m So Excited - Almodovar

Spain - I m So Excited - Almodovar

I m So Excited
Directed by Pedro Aldomovar
Spanish with English subtitles
Sony Pictures Classics 2014
90 minutes

When you finish watching Pedro Almodovar's I m So Excited it is clear why Sony chose that title instead of a more literal translation of Los amantes pasajeros or passengers lovers. The scene where the cabin crew lipsynchs to the Pointer Sisters disco hit is the heart of the trailer and the only funny moment in the entire film. If you are a Pedro Almodovar fan, this is a rental at best. If not, pass.

Soon after take-off, a flight crew discovers there is an anomaly and the plane may not be able to land. I m So Excited is about the reactions of the first class all-male, all-gay cabin crew and the six or so first class passengers. It is most convenient that all of the economy passengers and crew have been given a sleeping compound so as to take 99% of the plane out of the picture.

A couple of scenes take place on the ground when one of the mistresses of one of the first class passengers jumps off a bridge and her phone lands in the bicycle basket of his former mistress. Other passengers include a mysterious mustachioed man, a man trying to escape the country after some financial malversations, a dominatrix, and a virgin psychic.

In the end, the plane does not crash but the movie has already done so.

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