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Action - The Following - The Complete First Season Blu-ray DVD combo

The Following - The Complete First Season Blu-ray DVD combo

The Following Season 1
Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy
3 Blu-ray or 4 DVD
Warner Home Entertainment 2013

The Following sticks with you for a while. This story of a former FBI agent pitted against a mastermind serial killer and his followers is not for the faint of heart: the body, gore, and blood quotas are rather high. If, however, you like a smart thriller that can keep you on the edge of your seat and jumping off of it at least once per episode, you are going to love the fifteen season one episodes. Get the 3 Blu-ray plus 4 DVD and Ultraviolet set as you will be able to legally share your passion for this show.

Eight years ago FBI agent Ryan Hardy caught literature professor and Poe fan Joe Carroll. Carroll was sentenced to death for the murder of 14 female students. He escapes from prison a few weeks before his exeecution and sets in motion a plan for more killings. This time, he has former agent Ryan at the heart of every chapter of the new crime book he is writing and various followers starring in these chapters.

Carroll's followers are what make the show work. You never know who to trust or who is really who they say they are as Carroll had been planning everything for eight years. At the heart of season 1 are Carroll's ex-wife and Hardy's former love interest; Denise a young woman hired as a nanny for Carroll's young son; two of  Denise's friends; and a few FBI agents.

In the age of internet, most fan of the show have done a bit of googling and know the Edgar Allan Poe stuff is at best fanciful. The rest of The Following's elements work really, really well though. Bacon is excellent as the dark and tortured agent, Purefoy (Marc Anthony on Rome) makes a great criminal mastermind and knows not to overdo neither the dramatics nor the coolness.

The best part of this show may just be how well Carroll planned his second act.

Special features include Maximum Episode Mode for the pilot; The Creator Behind The Following; Inside the Followers; Production Chronicles; The Followers' Den; a couple of other elements that may be spoilers if mentioned here; Commentary on the season finale episode; and deleted scenes for some episodes.

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