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Documentary - The Great Chicken Wing Hunt

The Great Chicken Wing Hunt
The Great Chicken Wing Hunt
Directed by Matt Reynolds
2013 71 minutes

Even vegans can enjoy The Great Chicken Wing Hunt. This Matt Reynolds documentary is a lot of fun to watch. Its basic premise of the search for the best Buffalo chicken wings in New York State and its varied and very interesting characters make for an entertaining and somewhat informative film.

Matt Reynolds is a Buffalo native and journalist who spent a few years in Slovakia where he  introduced his friends to Buffalo style chicken wings. He, his Slovak film crew, his girlfriend, and a few colorful chicken wing aficionados he met online spend 16 days looking for the perfect Buffalo style chicken wing.

It soon becomes obvious that though Reynolds thought things out, he did not really think them out as well as he could have so the rules to the hunt change almost immediately. He has also bitten off more than he can chew so eventually there is a bit of a rebellion when his gang realize you cannot live on chicken wings alone for 16 days. These two minor setbacks do not get in the way of a great road documentary. Reynolds and his gang end up covering 2,627 miles, make 72 stops (according to the documentary's website, I thought it was more), and try 270 different types of wings.

What really ads to the interest is the people who are part of the panel. A guy named Thor, a pepper grower and hot sauce maker, an old hippie named Al, a Hawaiian chef, Reynolds himself, and girlfriend and his film crew.  Of course, the places the hunters go to and some of the people they meet add to the mix.

Foodies and documentary fans will really want to check out The Great Chicken Wing Hunt.

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