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Mainstream - In A World ...

In A World ...

In A World ...
Directed by and starring Lake Bell
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2014
93 minutes

In A World … is a decent enough movie produced, directed by, written by, and starring Lake Bell. It is hard to say what kind of movie it is be it comedy or drama or something in the middle because it does not know what it is in the first place. The odd thing is In A World is interesting because of the job the main characters do and not because of the characters themselves.

The phrase In A World was coined by iconic movie trailer voice Don Lafontaine. This movie is about a voiceover artist Carol, her sister and brother-in-law, and her father Sam, the reigning king of voice work. Rumor is that a major new movie franchise is planning to revive Lafontaine's celebrated expression and there is a lot of jostling for that particlar job. Sam has a protege but Carol may be in the running.

There is a lot of secondary drama in this movie involving Sam's new wife, her sister's encounter with another man, the relationship the daughters have with their father, a love interest for Sam (played by comic Demetri Martin), but none of it is particularly interesting or well played out.

In the end there is resolution, no matter how artificially it is created at the last minute.

I just wish Lake Bell had done a documentary about the voice over business.

Look for short appearances by Eva Longoria, Geena Davis, and Jeff Garlin (The Goldbergs).

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