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Action - Cold Comes the Night

Cold Comes the Night

Cold Comes the Night
Bryan Cranston, Alice Eve
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2014
90 minutes

You may not know who Alice Eve is but you will definitely want to check out what else she is in after watching Cold Comes the Night, an excellent thriller starring Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame. What would be just another story about a gangster trying to get his money back is made much more interesting by Chloe, the character Eve plays, and her performance. This is really good stuff.

Single mom Chloe runs a motel in a small upstate New York town. A Russian gangster named Topo (Cranston) and his driver stop for the night. The driver gets killed and Topo is left without a driver and the car in which the money he has to deliver to a crime boss is hidden. Topo forces Chloe to get the money back for him. Crooked local cop and sort of boyfriend Billy gets in the way

Topo soon learns Chloe is one tough cookie. There are quite a few great plot twists that keep you guessing and watching before the final confrontations.

Cold Comes the Night has a couple of weak points. Cranston's Russian accent is too stereotypical. The Montreal gangster is French but says things like “holmes”. This is just me nitpicking really.

This is a DVD you will want to share with some friends.

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