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Documentary - Unsung Heroes: The Story of America s Female Patriots

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Unsung Heroes
The Story of America s Female Patriots
Directed by Frank Martin
Documentary DVD
Mill Creek Entertainment 2014
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Unsung Heroes: The Story of America's Female Patriots is a documentary about women in the U.S military since the American Revolutionary War. As such, it is something anyone interested in history or the military must see.  Unfortunately, though fascinating,  it is not as good as it so easily could have been.

Producer and director Frank Martin forgot a narrative thread of some kind is necessary for any film document to work and there is none here. The story and history is all over the place. Martin seems to have opted instead for a thematic approach such as Nurses or Women in Combat but even those themes are a narrative mess. For example, “In the Line of Fire” jumps from Iraq to the Revolutionary War to Panama.

There are a lot of things here that show how little respect women in the military have received over the years. WASPs, women who served in the air force in WWII, had to pay out of pocket to send a sister's body home and could not be buried with a flag on the coffin. In 1944 Congress refused to recognize WASPs so they did not get any benefits and their service records were sealed for 35 years.

There is a lot to discover and learn in this documentary. It should be much easier to do so.

There are 105 minutes of bonus footage. It includes film from a MASH unit in Korea and the Jessica Lynch rescue footage. It would have been preferable had the twelve or so clips been chaptered and labeled individually

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