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Foreign Film - Chad - Grisgris

Chad - Grisgris

Souleymane Deme, Anais Monory
Directed by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun
Chad 2013
Film Movement 2014

You can count on Film Movement for bringing movie fans some of the most original and sometimes esoteric films. The latter is the case for Grisgris. Those who like foreign films because you get a look at how other people live and behave will enjoy this drama more than those who also want a story they can connect to and an different way of telling it. Grisgris in in French and some Arabic with English subtitles.

Grisgris is a scrounger with a bum leg but a great dancer. His stepfather is in the hospital so he needs money to pay the bills and pay for medecine. His buddy Moussa has a finger in lots of small-time criminal operations so Grisgris gets Moussa to hire him for some of these operations. Meanwhile, he meets Mimi, a young woman who makes her living through prostitution. Grisgris runs afould of Moussa, he and Mimi run away to her native village.

The problem is it takes a long, long time for the story to start going somewhere. Only the last third of the movie is really interesting. It is unfortunate that the most intriguing aspect of this story, the matriarcal society Mimi comes from, only occupies the last few minutes.

The short included with this film is the 2014 Academy Award nominated animated short Feral. It is the story of a young boy rescued from living with wolves and brought to Victorian society. The story is predictable, the animation is very beautiful.

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