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Mainstream - Brood - Chase NOvak

Brood - Chase NOvak

Chase Novak
Mulholland Books 2014
308 pages

Brood reads exactly like what it most certainly is: the second book in a trilogy. Unfortunately, nowhere on the book does it say that. It would have been a good idea to say so though because it explains the ending of Chase Novak s follow up to Breed. It is a decent enough read as is but will probably be better once the whole story is available. Only available as Kindle because as readers know Amazon are being a-holes with Hachette.

If you are familiar with the medically engineered human/mutants try to adapt to human society plot, you will recognize Brood as exactly that. In Breed, very rich people who could not conceive paid a scientist for a new procedure that allowed them to procreate, The procedure had nasty secondary effects turning the parents into what sounds like human eating beasts. Brood picks up the story with the story of the two children of the couple at the center of Breed.

Adam and Alice have been in foster care ever since their parents' death. Their aunt Cynthia becomes their guardian and everybody moves back in the gothic New York City family home. The kids are deathly afraid of hitting puberty for that is when the mutant changes start to appear. The house is, of course, weird.

Meanwhile, one guy is going around kidnapping mutants for a drug company doing medical experiments on them. Some mutants have sort of organized in a pack and their leader is selling the blood of the least transformed kids as a black market drug.

Will Cynthia be able to protect the kids? Do the kids want to be protected or will they join the pack? What happens to the kidnapper and his victims? That is what you find out here.

I really do wish the publisher had told potential readers this was the middle of the trilogy. It is the only reason why the ending to Brood is sort of acceptable. As to the notion of “check the NY Times for a message from me” part of the ending … oh, please!

Richard Lanoie

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