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Foreign Film - Moebius


Directed by Kim Ki-Duk
South Korea 2013
Ram Releasing 2014
89 minutes

Moebius by South Korean director Kim Ki-Duk has to be the weirdest yet most captivating movie I have ever seen, and I mean ever. If you like very odd, somewhat controversial, and well-made films, Moebius is a must.

Just to give you an idea, it is about a boy who gets his penis cut off when his mother discovers his father having an affair. Later, the son tries to rape the mistress, finds an alternate way to orgasm, returns to the mistress, she stabs him, and then they have pleasure together. That is just for starters and this in a movie without a single line of dialogue and a very minimal soundtrack.

The movie also features the funniest bits of coal dark comedy I have seen: Another guy gets Bobbitted, someone runs away with the penis, it gets dropped in the scuffle and ….  Believe it or not, this is not the weirdest moment the movie.

Meanwhile, the father tries to find a solution to his son's predicament.

The ending has me thrown for a bit of a loop though.

Those who are detailed oriented will notice that though the websites about penis transplants shown in the movie are in English, they are in obviously Google translated English.

Moebius is available from Ram Releasing which seems to be the freaky arm of Film Movement, a superb foreign film DVD label. If Moebius is a sign of things to come, wow!

Bonus features include interviews with director Kim Ki-Duk, the director and the cast,  with actress Lee Eun Woo, and a post screening Q&A  atht he 2014 New York Asian Film Festival.

Richard Lanoie

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