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Documentary - King Tut Unmasked - Discovery Nov 9th

King Tut Unmasked - Discovery Nov 9th
King Tut Unmasked
Discovery Channel
Sunday Nov. 9 8 p.m.


How King Tut died is as popular a topic as who shot JFK. King Tut Unmasked, which airs Sunday, November 9th at 8 on Discovery shares the latest findings on the research on what killed Tutankhamun  The documentary features science journalist Dallas Campbell and the virtual autopsy of Tut by Dr. Ashraf Selim.  It seems Tut may not have been murdered after all.

The previous theory of how Tut died was based on X-rays taken in 1968 and the presence of bone fragments in the skull suggesting the boy king died of a blow to the head.  Recent CT scans rendered in a 3D interactive image suggest something totally different.

Other theories as to how Tut died are also disproven. This allows Dallas Campbell to take a chariot ride to look at the chariot race accident theory.

In addition to the virtual autopsy table, the documentary presents DNA research that not only allows to find Tut's lineage for certain but also a plausible cause of death. Unfortunately, the latter does not make for a great story.

This is an interesting documentary that also brings the viewer to parts of the pyramids few people ever see.

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