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Science Fiction - The Librarians - Premieres Space Dec 7th 8 PM

The Librarians - Premieres Space Dec 7th 8 PM
The Librarians
Starts Sun Dec. 7th 8 PM

The Librarians is a new speculative fiction adventure show on Space (TNT in the States) starting Sunday December 7th at 8.  The series follows up on three made for TV movies that aired on Turner Network Television between 2004 and 2008 though you do not have to be familiar with these to enjoy this. The first two of ten season one shows lead me to believe this is going to be a hit (but you have to get over Noah Wyle's occasional channeling of various Doctor Who tics).

In the two part pilot episode viewers are introduced to NATO agent Eve Baird (Rebecca Rominj) who is invited to be the bodyguard for a librarian named Flynn Carsen. Carsen is head of a special library of magic historical objects. Baddies from the Serpent Brotherhood are trying to kill Carsen and his potential replacements. Carsen and Baird find the replacements and they band together to find King Arthur's Crown. This involves some puzzle solving and swashbuckling.

The cohorts include a genius who worked on oil rigs, a clever thief, and a woman with a brain tumor who has a condition called synesthesia where all five senses are heightened and confused. Episode two intruduces. The second episode introduces the keeper of the adjunct library played by John Laroquette.

The Librarians is easy to get immersed in story and character wise. The effects for the various magic doodads are on the whole pretty good.

Some of the plot elements like the whole magic world aspect are not quite clear but that does not get in the way of enjoying the show.

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