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Action - Justified The Complete Fifth Season

Justified The Complete Fifth Season

Justified Season 5
13 episodes 3 DVD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2014

Season 5 of Justified opens with Ava Crowder in jail for murder, Boyd Crowder trying to patch up his business after serious problems with the Detroit mob, and Marshal Raylan Givens being his obstreperous self as he tries to hand out justice, piss people off,  and not get killed in the process. This is the penultimate season of this FX series and the show is showing some wear. The previous four seasons each had an original and interesting storyline; this time it is not quite up to standards but still enjoyable.

The first episode is rather high on the violence and bodies as it sets up various plot elements that will be central to the season: Boyd is trying to get Ava out of jail and keep his businesses going with the morons working for him,  a new, nasty Crowe shows up in Harlan to stir things up.

The usual gang of and new idiots go around screwing up, and killing or double triple crossing each other. Part of what makes this FX show work is you really never know who and what is behind truck door number two. The what is drugs from Mexico that have a very hard time making it to Harlan County, Kentucky what with  everybody screwing and shooting everything up.

The secondary story lines are not that interesting even if characters like Kendall and Wendy Crowe (the excellent Alicia Witt)

Justified has always had an odd sense of humor, even within the most violent scenes. Season 5 is no exception.

The last two episodes set up events for the final season 6.

Canadian fans of the show will appreciate the donut shop scene and Tim Hortons references in episode one. Eric Roberts shows up for a cameo.

Special features include commentary track for episode one and episide 13, a Making Of, and deleted scenes.

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Richard Lanoie

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