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Foreign Film - Scotland - Not Another Happy Ending

Scotland - Not Another Happy Ending

Not Another Happy Ending
Karen Gillan, Stanley Weber
Dir: John McKay
Omnibus Entertainment 2014
102 minutes

Much like their happy ending, romantic comedies are a dime a dozen. It is appropriate then that an unusual, charming, light but not silly, and quirky romcom is titled Not Another Happy Ending. The movie does have its flaws but even those who have given up on the genre will enjoy it. As for the ending; well, it is different.

Jane Lockhart (the luminous Karen Gillan: Amy Pond in Doctor Who) is a writer who collects rejection letters and posts them on her “wall of pain”. Her book finally gets accepted by a small Scottish publishing house run by a Frenchman named Tom (Stanley Weber). His advice makes Lockhart a hit. The relationship between author and publisher sours but Lockhart is unable to finish her second novel and so get out of her contract. Tom also needs Jane to finish her book and since she can only write when she is miserable he will help her achieve that.

Secondary stories involve Jane reestablishing contact with her long lost father who was at the center of her first book and impromptu appearances by the strong willed character at the heart of her second novel.

The movie does meander a couple of times but it finds it way soon enough and the story gets moving again.

Part of Not Another Happy Ending was crowdfunded. I was surprised to read that as the movie certainly does not look or feel low budget.

Bonus Features are a 26-minute Behind the Scenes and a 15-minute interview with director John McKay.

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