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Documentary - Deluged By Data CBC Doc Zone March 12 9 pm

Deluged By Data CBC Doc Zone March 12 9 pm
Deluged By Data
directed by Josh Freed
CBC Doc Zone
March 12 2015 9 pm

It is most ironic that Deluged By Data deluges the viewer with data. It is a good thing then that after it airs on CBC's Doc Zone Thursday March 12th at 9 pm that it will also be available on the Doc Zone web page the next day and repeat on News Net Sunday March 15th at 6 pm. This will give viewers a chance to assimilate all of the information but also better appreciate yet another excellent documentary by Josh Freed. This one will really blow your mind.

Even if you are tech savvy, the information about how much stuff is on the internet, how addicted we are to it, how much we add to it, how much of it we store voluntarily, how much is known about us through tracking devices, and even how much we track ourselves through biofeedback and monitoring devices is just bloody scary.

You know things have gotten out of hand when you meet the guy who uses his personal data to release an annual report about himself. Why does he do that? Because some people believe by seeing most minute details about themselves and comparing that info to how they felt at the time, they can figure out what they need to be happy permanently.

Some of these very same people are also more connected wirelessly to various medical info devices (including posture)  than the most serious ICU patient. There is even clothing with all the wireless monitoring devices built it.

Who has access to that information, who owns it, who can buy it, and who can use it against you are all unanswered questions.

At the end of the documentary, Josh Freed shows a couple of people who realized how addicted they had become. Good luck to the rest of us.

Richard Lanoie

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