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Mainstream - Masters of Sex Season Two

Masters of Sex Season Two

Masters of Sex Season 2
Michael Sheen, Lizzy Caplan
12 episodes 4 DVD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2015

Though it has many nominations for many awards and Allison Janney (The West Wing) won a couple for best supporting actress, I do not think Masters of Sex has received the attention it so richly deserves. Perhaps a historical drama about the works of Masters and Johnson on human sexuality does not have the broader appeal of dragons or twisted presidential wannabes. Season 1 and the recent (May 2015) release of season 2 of Masters of Sex will allow those who have missed this great series to catch up before season 3 begins on Showtime

Season two of Masters of Sex begins with the aftermath of Master's disastrous presentation of his study to his peers and his wife having a baby. Masters must work without Johnson but this does not mean they do not find an excuse to spend some extramarital time together.

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Part of the interest in this Showtime hit is how secondary stories address social issues then and now. One character believes electric shock therapy will cure his homosexuality, another with an overactive libido opts for a hysterectomy as a possible cure. Race relations are also an element of the season 2 story.

One of the best episodes in season 2 is the third one where Masters and Johnson spend some time together in a hotel room and more is revealed about Master's past while they watch the fight between Yvon Durelle and Archie Moore.

As the season progresses, Master's wife gets involved in the civil rights movement, Masters goes private, and in a less than believable development, Johnson impersonates someone else at a therapist to then give second hand advice. The series ends with the election of JFK

Perhaps I am imagining things but in episode 7 the scene where Libby visits Master's office for the first time is right out of an Edward Hopper painting.

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