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Horror - Curse of the Mummy s Tomb - Hammer Film Collection

Curse of the Mummy s Tomb - Hammer Film Collection

The Curse of the Mummy s Tomb
Hammer Films Collection2 DVD 5 Films
Mill Creek Entertainment 2015

The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb is one of the movies in the Hammer Films  Collection from Mill Creek Entertainment. The other titles in this 2 DVD set are The Two Faces of Dr, Jekyll (1960), Scream of Fear! (1961), The Gorgon (1964), and Stop Me Before I Kill (1964). Curse is a very entertaining little horror click that looks as pristine as when it was first released.

Egyptologists, including a young woman named Annette who does a lot of screaming and fainting, find the tomb of King Ra-Antef. They bring back the entire tomb, mummy included, to England from where American promoter and expedition financier  Alexander King plans to tour the mummy around the world (very much like what is going on now with Tutankhamun).

There is of course a curse on those who discovered Prince Ra. Annette's father is assassinated in the opening minutes. John Bray, Annette's love interest, is attacked a couple of times, as is Sir Gyles Dalrymple. In England, Annette is courted by another fan of Egyptian history, Adam Beauchamp.

An important element of the plot is the pendant Ra-Antef wore, a pendant that gives eternal life.

At the world premiere grand unveiling in England the sarcophagus is empty even if it was opened the day before and found to contain the mummy. Has the mummy come alive? Well, duh!

The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb is not scary at all. It is however lots of fun to watch even if the mummy itself is rather low budget and a couple of plot points are left unexplained. The ending is rather original.

A couple of cockney characters have been tossed in for a bit of humor here and there.

At less that 9 dollars at Amazon, this is a very good deal.

IMDB says this fun horror flick was initially released as a double feature with another movie in this DVD set, The Gorgon.

A fun bit of trivia: Jeanne Roland (the daughter) is the only actress to appear in two Bond films in the same year: You Only Live Twice and Casino Royale.

Richard Lanoie

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