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Gadgets - MyPakage



I love MyPakage. Anyone who sets their eyes on MyPakage cannot but comment on how sexy and attractive it is and how they wish they had one like mine. I very much like showing it off too.  Some even want to touch MyPakage to see what it feels like. I can tell you it feels great. My girlfriend said the only thing she wants to see on me is MyPakage. You will really want to get your hands on MyPakage.

MyPakage is a new kind of men's underwear. It looks like regular doorless underwear but it has a great special feature. There is a built-in pouch called the keyhole so that the family jewels are free to move about and yet supported. (See picture below)


This is a vast improvement over the traditional underwear that either strangles everything or fails to give the appropriate support.

This means you can wear any pair of pants and never have to “readjust”. The material is something called Modal and yes, I do feel like a model with MyPakage. The material expands very nicely without compressing or bunching. It also does not cause the family jewels to become overheated.

MyPakage comes in many different models and colors, I am partial to the more colorful models as I like MyPakage to be noticed (when appropriate).

Richard Lanoie

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