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Horror - Scream Queens - FOX Tuedays 9:00

Scream Queens - FOX Tuedays 9:00
Scream Queens
Tuesdays 9:00

Scream Queens is another version of the show or movie where some girl clique is up to no good. Think Pretty Little Liars but with gore. This show may sound like it is aimed at teen girls. Not so. It has a very odd tongue-in-cheek sense of humor that is hit or miss. One scene has the killer and his victim texting each other during their encounter:

The killer texts, ”I am going to kill you now.”

The victim texts “Wait. Whaaaaat?” back before updating her profile page to being in the process of being murdered.

I guess success will largely depend on how well the humor works and how the audience responds to it.

Twenty years ago one of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority sisters died after giving birth in a bathtub, “I didn't even know I was pregnant. I thought it was the freshman fifteen. The sorority is now run by a senior named Chanel (Emma Roberts). Her minions are called Chanel number 1 and so on. They are, of course, all bitches.

The new dean (played by Jamie Lee Curtis, the greatest scream queen of all) puts Kappa Kappa Tau on notice that she is out to revoke their charter. When she announces the sorority will accept all new pledges, all the popular girls run to the exits. This leaves only the stereotype losers and Grace, whose late mother was also a Kappa.

There is also someone going around dressed like the devil exacting sometimes creative revenge on the sorority members.

It is hard to figure out if Scream Queens is a hit or a miss. It has all the ingredients to become a cult series though.

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