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Foreign Film - U.K. - Amorous

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Directed by Joanna Coates
England 2014
Film Movement 2015
82 minutes

In some seven years or more reviewing Film Movement DVD releases, there are only two that I really disliked. Amorous is the second such title. Even the most generous art film fan will be hard pressed to really connect with this ponderous story where the visual aspect often only serves to show how clever and artistic the cinematographer is. Amorous is billed as “A provocative modern tale of love and sex.” It is only provocative if somewhat explicit sexuality (one guy wanking off a bit) provocative.

Directed by Joanna Coates and originally titled Hide and Seek (for whatever reason) Amorous tells the story of four people who set off to establish a utopia at a summer cabin owned by one of the two women in the group. The viewer never finds out how Max, Charlotte, Leah, and Jack got connected in the first place as they seem to be strangers on day one. The only thing you do know is they all feel there is something missing in their life and this utopia idea might fill it.

Another way of looking at Amorous is it is the story of four people who suffer from existential ennui and are determined to share that ennui with the viewer. Lots of mundane things happen but they only serve to show the passage of time though it is unclear exactly how time is passing as the group seems to  stay together for at least six months or so but the woodland outside the cottage does not change a bit.

The only thing of interest is when Charlotte's ex-boyfriend shows up. It is unclear how he knew where Charlotte was. This finally creates some tension in the movie but it does not last and the boyfriend goes away.

Amorous eventually ends.

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Richard Lanoie

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