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Documentary - Black Watch Snipers - History Channel Nov 11th 9:00

Black Watch Snipers - History Channel Nov 11th 9:00
Black Watch Snipers
Directed by Robin Bicknell
Yap Films 2016
Airs Nov 11th 9 p.m. History Channel.

I enjoy a good documentary. I really love documentaries about WWII.  Black Watch Snipers left me ecstatic. Filmmaker Robin Bicknell blends the on-camera testimony of four 90-something Black Watch veterans with filmed recreations of the events. The quality of the dramatic recreations pays homage to the stories these men are telling for the very first time. Black Watch Snipers premieres November 11th at 9 pm on the History Channel. It is a must see.

Black Watch Snipers is narrated through the experience of their leader, Cpl. Dale Sharpe and follows he and his men, Pte. Jimmy Bennett, Cpl. Jim Wilkinson, Pte. Mike Brunner, and Pte Russell “Sandy” Wilkinson as they go through France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany. The snipers were the scouts who went ahead of the platoons for reconnaissance and behind enemy lines to gather information and perhaps a prisoner. Sharpe was a born leader who taught his men how to become sharpshooters and how to stay alive.

The writing and narration are both excellent and make it clear these men soon became closer than kin. The testimony of the veterans makes evident both the horrors of war and the love and respect these men had and have for each other.

Another way Director Robin Bicknell's documentary is notable is she manages to make the combat and killing scenes graphic enough to get the point across but not so graphic as to turn off a viewer or glorify the action taking place on screen.

Viewers will really appreciate the family reunion scenes near the end as well as finding out what happened to these brave men after the war.

Black Watch Snipers airs Nov. 11th at 9 p.m. On the History Channel.

Richard Lanoie

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