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Documentary - Pearl Harbor: The Accused - HBO Canada Dec. 5th 9 pm

Pearl Harbor: The Accused - HBO Canada Dec. 5th 9 pm
Pearl Harbor: The Accused
Dicrected by Christopher Spencer
Premieres Dec. 5Th 9 pm
HBO Canada

If you are a WWII history buff, you must set aside December 5th and tune in to HBO Canada at 9 pm for the 90-minute documentary Pearl Harbor: The Accused. The documentary partly lifts the veil on one of the great mysteries behind Pearl Harbor: why were the Americans caught so unprepared? It also vindicates the reputation of four-star admiral Husband E. Kimmel, Commander of the Pacific Fleet based in Pearl Harbor. This is a well-made, well-researched, and fascinating film.

Featuring interviews with Kimmel's grandchildren, research by Pulitzer-nominated author Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan, and access to newly revealed material, Pearl Harbor: The Accused explains what happened after Kimmel was demoted to two-stars and was accused of deriliction of duty by the Roberts Commission.

Kimmel never accepted the findings of the Roberts Commission blaming him for not being prepared for a Japanese attack. In fact, Kimmel always wanted to be court-martialled as this was the only way he could defend himself in the court of public opinion.

Kimmmel's search for the truth was taken up by a few people including his grandchildren. The documentary proves Kimmel did not stand a chance. There were lots of indications hte Japanese were planning something and that is was possible to torpedoe ships in the shallow Pearl Harbor. Information was either ignored, willfully ignored, delayed, misplaced, misunderstood, or simply not shared. All this meant Kimmel and the forces at Pearl Harbor did not stand a chance.

Pearl Harbor: The Accused also points the finger of guilt towards a man Kimmel considered to be his best friend since naval academy.

This is a documentary that reinforces the belief some WWII buffs have that it was in Roosevelt's interest that Pearl Harbor be attacked. A belief supported in part by the fact it was Roosevelt himself who moved the Pacific Fleet from California to Pearl Harbor, making it a possible target for the Japanese forces.

Pearl Harbor: The Accused will also be available on demand and on TMN Go starting Dec. 6th.

Richard Lanoie

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